Michigan Home Climbing Wall Builder

Home Climbing Wall Builder In Michigan

Third Coast Climbing has offered home climbing wall construction since 2019 throughout Southeastern Michigan.


We offer the following types of home climbing gyms construction:

  • Non-Permanent Outdoor Climbing Walls
  • Permanent Outdoor Climbing Walls
  • Adjustable Angle Climbing Walls
  • Indoor Permanent Climbing Walls
  • Indoor Non-Permanent Climbing Walls
  • Multi-Face Climbing Walls
  • Custom Designed Home Climbing Walls
  • System Walls (We are Tension Board partner, etc.)


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Outdoor Home Climbing Wall Construction

Our outdoor climbing walls can be made permanent by anchoring to an existing structure, anchored to posts in concrete or non-permanent. We also offer fixed angle walls or adjustable angles which can be changed at will.

Both construction techniques will give you a sturdy, solid wall that can be climbed for years, but our non-permanent options are great for renters or those that may need to move their wall in the future. All our outdoor walls can be disassembled easily.

Our climbing walls are also great for kids! They will love having something in the backyard to learn climbing safely.


Custom Outdoor Climbing Walls

 We also offer custom designed climbing walls that can be built into existing structures.

Indoor Climbing Wall Construction

home climbing wall built by Third Coast Climbing


Our indoor climbing walls can also be both permanent and non-permanent. Permanent indoor climbing wall construction will require attachment to existing framing and can mean modification of drywall. An indoor climbing wall can designed to use the existing walls and spaces in a unique and creative way (as shown above) or can be as simple as our outdoor climbing walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you use in construction?

All our materials are outdoor rated (similar to what is used in deck construction). Our panels are ACX 3/4" plywood that are weather sealed and coated in wear resistant, texture. This textured coating can be painted or left as is. We use only commercial-grade screw-on t-nuts.

What is an average cost for home climbing construction?

This is a complicated question which is impacted by the options chosen and the space in which construction will occur. But the average cost is similar to what it would cost to build a deck and our simplest builds start at less than $5,000.

I have an idea, can you build my custom climbing wall?

Absolutely! All our walls are submitted to the homeowner as a 3d rendering prior to starting construction.

How long will it take to build my wall?

Again, that depends on many factors. But our simplest builds take 1-2 days and more complicated builds can take 1 or more weeks. It also depends on the time of year and what other builds we have scheduled. The best bet is to reach out to us and see.


Call us now at 248-342-7147 to schedule a quote
or schedule a quote online.